Italians love the bedroom: the loans to renew it.

The loan to renovate your bedroom

The loan to renovate your bedroom

How important is their bedroom for Italians? On a scale of 1 to 10, a good 9.4: this is the answer that most of the interviewees gave during the research “Case to be reinvented”, curated by the Centro Studi di Cosmit / FederlegnoArredo and created by Burh Credit. In almost all the houses (98%) there is a double room, around which the private life of families gravitates. For this it is important to make it as comfortable as possible and renew the sleeping area by choosing the cheapest home and furniture loan.

Those who plan to renovate the bedroom pay no attention to expenses: according to Assarredo’s research, the potential annual expenditure budget for the works amounts to almost 11 billion euros in total, of which 6 billion for the partial renewal of the furnishing (which is in the intentions of 5% of the interviewees) and 4.5 billion for the total renewal (which will be carried out by 2.5% of the sample).

The style of the furniture greatly influences the frequency with which the bedroom is renewed: those who have an ethnic style room are much more inclined to change, much less those who have a modern / contemporary type of furniture. Whoever completely renews the sleeping area aims, in addition to aesthetics, also to the design signature.

But how much are Italians willing to spend to make their room more welcoming? The average budget foreseen for the total renewal is 3,600 euros, while for the partial renewal it comes to 2,000 euros. Through Supercash we see how it is possible to easily obtain these sums thanks to a loan aimed at home and furniture. Let’s try to request a sum of 3,500 euros to be repaid in two years: the most advantageous solution is the sale of the fifth Bassotta installment of SEN bank, reserved for public and state employees, with a 8.24% TAEG and an installment of 158 EUR.

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