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Payday Loan Consolidation – €50 thousand Comparison of Current Offers

Consolidation loan € 50 thousand with high credit charges. We can use it if we want to reduce the burden on the household budget.

An overview of loan offers at banks can be found below.

When to use a consolidation loan of 50,000 euro? For example, we have a loan for a car, a cash loan for the renovation of a flat and a TV set, and the total value of credit liabilities does not exceed € 50,000, then the consolidation loan is the solution. It is a loan that “links” several loans into one, causing that by extending the repayment period, we reduce the amount of the loan installment. Thus, the burden on the household budget is much smaller.

Review of consolidation loans:

Review of consolidation loans:

A consolidation loan is beneficial when we have a job and thus adequate credit protection. It is worth thinking about it because consolidation means that we have more money in the home budget.

Consolidation loan € 50 thousand comparison of offers

A consolidation loan consists of several bank loans and borrowings, with the exception of mortgage (housing) credit, so-called cash consolidation loan . If a mortgage (housing) loan is also consolidated, then we are talking about a mortgage consolidation loan .

A consolidation loan may consist of several consumer loans, such as, for example: loans and cash loans, installment loans, car loans, other consolidation loans, housing loans, as well as credit and debit cards in ROR accounts may be included in the consolidation.

You should always read the offers of banks to choose the one that is the most advantageous. The bank, individually with us, determines what will be subject to consolidation and under what conditions. Despite the fact that consolidation loans are already very long on the market, it is still a product that is not very popular. This is due to the fact that we do not know exactly the credit products offered by banks.

Consolidation of € 50 thousand minus

Consolidation of € 50 thousand minus

  • extended repayment period,
  • new loan, and thus commission, interest on the loan (additional costs),
  • because the loan is repaid over a longer period of time, we will pay more interest than if we would repay all the loans separately.

Consolidation of € 50,000 plus

Consolidation of € 50,000 plus

  • the ability to consolidate several loans and credits,
  • instead of several loan installments, only one installment,
  • lower loan installment (even by 20-30%),
  • a consolidation loan usually has less interest than a cash loan of the same amount,
  • recovery of liquidity,
  • greater creditworthiness,
  • the possibility of obtaining additional cash as part of consolidation.

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